Travis Smith


My home town of sweet ole Spartanburg is littered with some rich musical history and I try to bring that up every time I get a chance. Yeah, it’s  home to many legends and these days many soon to be favorites are playing all the wonderful places (most in walking distance) it has to offer while making some of the finest music in all of the land. The 864 area code is a musical hot spot haven between the big city lights of Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA. All you gotta do is throw a rock and you find a musician here who is willing to jam with you. Any given night there is no lack of a show worth seeing and it often breaks my heart I can’t be in two places at once to witness all the greatness unfold.

 One of the fellas who is a soon to be new favorite of yours if he isn’t already is Woodruff, South Carolina’s own Travis Smith. I remember the first time I saw Travis and saying to myself “Wow, that just happened!”  I remember having one of those days where everything was going wrong and my spirit needed that uplift. That all did a 180 when Travis took the stage and broke out his soulful voice. His style was somewhere between soul,jazz and storytelling and in an age where the “Tortured artist” is what is marketable and acceptable Travis Smith is breaking that mold.

After a conversation with the personable young man you can’t help but like him even if you’re not a fan of his music.

Travis has been performing since the tender age of three, and says he was inspired by the great Stevie Wonder. That lead him to learn piano in church at the age of six and keep honing the craft thru his childhood. In high school he was a drum major and won three awards as best drum major during his high school years. His soulfly jazz voice won him Best Male Vocalist at the L. Water’s Talent Show in 2005. The college years he was still chipping away expanding his already bright resume by constantly being cast in plays and the school’s choral groups

In 2009 his first album entitled “Childhood” was released and in 2013 a single “Thinking of you” was released. Travis plays many solo acoustic gigs but also has a backing band of local talented musicians billed as The Travis Smith Project. They play anywhere, everything from hole in the walls to live local television shows.

I have been fortunate enough to see him with and without a band. Every time it’s great and I always leave with a smile. His vocal range can go 12 rounds with the best in all the land. His soulful velvet like voice can change your mood like a light switch, and his jazzy delivery will jam all the way to the morning’s dawn if you let it. It’s cool in a world where the “tortured artist” is king that folks like Travis Smith are bringing a little high-definition to a UHF world.

Travis Smith songwriting skills are great – down home real events that you can relate to. His soulful happy voice tells these stories with pure honesty. That’s something I like a whole lot. Travis Smith has all the keys as well as being a good all round guy to be a huge star. Take note of that readers.

I got to speak with Travis recently and I highly recommend you check him out. Thank you Travis for all the positive energy and soulful vibes. Here is the link to the interview.

and keep up with Travis on his website.


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