Hymn 4 Her – Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin’ Flames

Three words: Cigar.  Box.  Guitar.

I liked Hymn 4 Her in the first twenty seconds of the opening track, “Mojave,” from their excellent second album, Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin’ Flames.  It’s a solid rocker with slippery guitar, great co-vocals, and devilish swagger (as is the rest of the record).

The husband-wife duo of Lucy Tight (on cigar box guitar) and Wayne Waxing (double-duty on guitar and drums) have been brewing up their mix of desert rock, psychedelia, and outlaw country for a few years now and earning serious road credentials with constant touring in their vintage Airstream trailer (where they recorded their last album, by the way).

It sounds like they had a lot of fun making this record.  “Glistening Cowgirl” devolves into a punk rock hoedown.  “Trash the Sun” is seven minutes and eighteen seconds of floor-stomping heaven…with a Theremin.  It’s also a fun salute to David Bowie.  “Rosa Parks Blvd.” is your new favorite fast-driving song.  “Lucy Fur” is a fun song about how their daughter (who also sings the opening on “For the Dead”) is possibly the offspring of Ole Scratch.

I’m guessing “Landescape” (with a nice spaghetti western-flavored opening) was inspired by the miles and miles they’ve seen touring across the country.  “Chemicals” might be about acid rain, smog, acid trips, or pheromones.  I really don’t care because it is one of the most rocking cuts on the records.  It’s difficult to accept that two people put out so much raw power.

Late night driving, and the things that creep into your mind while doing it, swirl around “Dark Deeds” and “Ivy Pacheko” (which is about the drowning deaths of a girl, her mother, and her grandmother).

In the greatest twist of all, the album ends with “Passion” – a torch song.  Replace the acoustic guitar with a piano and Lucy Tight is singing this in a smoky jazz bar in St. Louis.  It’s a lovely track and a lovely way to end a lovely record.

You need to get on this bandwagon.  Sings these hymns.  Praise Hymn 4 Her.

~ Nik Havert




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