Ameripolitan Music: Dale Watson Interview

Dale Watson talks with Brandy Lee Dixon about Ameripolitan Music

Legendary Texas Troubadour Dale Watson has started a wild fire. A term he has been using for years to describe his music has now turned into a musical movement for anyone who does not fit in to what is called “Country” today. That’s a long list folks. Ameripolitan Music. Below, Dale fills us in on what Ameripolitan Music means and his plans for Ameripolitan Music Awards. Read on and get on board. The masses have been begging for a change for years…and Dale is just the man to get us moving forward in a new direction.


 BLD: You have been calling your music Ameripolitan for a few years now…tell everyone about the idea behind Ameripolitan Music.

DW: I’ve felt for a long time that the nomenclature, not just the name but the entire genre was successfully changed right under our noses and we couldn’t stop it. It’s like someone takes you and all you care about and moves it into a house that sucks and you don’t want to live in. There is absolutely no way to get Nashville to stop calling their music country. They believe that it is a natural progression of country music and it’s theirs. I thought if our music is going to be allowed to grow it needs a new genre. Americana is original music with prominent rock influence, Ameripolitan is original music with prominent ROOTS influence.

BLDWhere does the term Ameripolitan come from?

DW: I wanted to come up with a word , that once you hear it, you at first kinda tilt your head like a dog and make that Scoobie Doo sound and say, “Huh? ”

What’s important about that is I wanted people to start from scratch in what they would hear. To this day when someone asks what kind of music I play I never say country because they would naturally think of the Blake Shitheads of the world and not Haggard or Jones. Once people hear what is tagged as Ameripolitan, then they will know and expect it to be roots based, not retro mind you, but new original music with prominent roots influence.

BLD: What would you say to the folks that think ‘we’ should take back the term ‘country music’ instead of starting a new genre?

DW: Nashville has that term and it has been forever tainted. The reason I insisted that the new name NOT have the word country in it , is because it would always be thought of as a step child to Nashville Country. It’s natural any time you create a compound word that people associate with it’s root word, i.e. Country Rock, Traditional Country , Outlaw Country, Real Country. We need to start fresh. Also it’s not just about traditional country music either. Ameripolitan embraces Rockabilly, Western Swing, Hillbilly, Honky Tonk, Soloist, Duos and Instrumentalist. I think they all relate to each other and share the same roots whereas New Country has it’s roots planted in mid air and came from someones wallet.

BLD: Tell us more about the Ameripolitan Music Awards.

DW: Even if it’s only ONE, I will promote an Ameripolitan Award Show. It will be in Austin. I want to have enough prep to make it professional, worthy of the great talent that it represents and make a splash that would be heard around the world, that would at least make the winners and participants better known for their art, as they should be.

BLD:Tell us more…

DW: The First Annual Ameripolitan Awards will be in February 2014 in Austin Texas. Only bands and Artist who register as an Ameripolitan artist are eligible to win. To register you must state the name of your act and provide a mp3 or wav of a tune that represents your music and state your major roots influence that can be heard in the example in a private message to the Ameripolitan Music Facebook Page. More details on the entire voting system will be provided. You do not have to register to vote. Fans of bands that you believe would fall into the Ameripolitan category, please let them know so they can register.

Types of music include:

Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Western Swing, Cajun , and Outlaw music.

BLD: Anything that sounds like the pop country, rock, folk and rap is not eligible. They have current country music outlets to showcase their music. will be up soon for proper and easier registration and guidelines!

It would be ideally decided on by a tally of three divisions

1. Fans

2. Industry

3. Ameripolitan Captains 100 total.

That’s my plan anyway.. Pray for me!

( I forgot to add, I disqualify myself and my music because of obvious reasons. It’s way too important to get this right.)


~ Brandy Lee Dixon

Note: Outlaw Magazine fully supports Ameripolitan Music. 

Brandy Lee Dixon is from Nashville, Tennessee by way of Somerset, Kentucky. She’s a writer as well as a songwriter, passionate music lover, and a self-proclaimed Country Music Snob. She likes to drink, smoke, and fight the bastards of the Universe with the help of her faithful four-legged companion, Leafy The Wonder Dog.

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