Angie and the Car Wrecks

Angie and the Car Wrecks hail from the great northwestern town of Onalaska, WA. Their music sounds a bit like a Rockabilly Reverand Horton Heat with Loretta Lynn on vocals. Envision pin up girls, hot rods, tattoos, zombies and beer in a raging tornado and you get the picture. Armed with washboards, harmonicas, guitars, upright bass, drums and Angie Ball’s vocals, Angie and The Car Wrecks give quite the listening experience.  On a bang-up record label, Psycho-A-Go-Go Records,  they released Boozed and Bloody, an album of a fantastic raw Psychobilly sound that channels the likes of Motorhead to Johnny Cash.

I wasn’t familiar with them until this release, but they’ve made a fan out of me. I feel that their music would make a great soundtrack to any of the old zombie/slasher B-movies. At first listen, I started the album off at a reasonable volume but in a very short time I just had to crank it up, my toes a tappin’ uncontrollably to the track “Draggin’ Down.” The squeal of the tires on the intro makes your heart race and takes you on one helluva ride, for this hot rod is going full throttle with the hammer down. Several of the tracks on the album sound like they could be Sun Records out takes. One track that really stands out for me is “Necrofella.” Yes, a ghoulish soon-to-be classic about having a zombie boyfriend.

The band is currently in the studio for a follow record as we speak, and I can’t wait because Boozed and Bloody made a believer out of me. If you need a soundtrack to go along with reading that latest hot rod magazine or if you just need a fix of some real Psychobilly twang, take a few minutes and go check out Angie and the Car Wrecks. You can thank me later. Suey!











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~Jason Robinson

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